Why do the bulbs inside our swimming pool lights keep blowing?

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The swimming pool lights inside the swimming pool need to meet the 17th edition of IEE wiring regulations for new pool installations and previous IEE regulations for existing swimming pools. The swimming pool lights will be supplied through an isolating transformer at a voltage of 12 volts, an example of a transformer is shown in the picture below. Isolating transformer for pool lights LED pool lights are not so critical on the supply voltage at the pool light, but the older PAR 56 pool lights which have a 300 watt bulb can blow on a regular basis if they have not been set up correctly.


At 12 volts a 300 watt bulb needs a supply current of 25 amps, which can cause a volt drop in the supply cable if it’s incorrectly sized. Even if it is correctly sized, to get 12 volts at the bulb will need a much higher output from the transformer, it is not uncommon to need 17 volts from the transformer to get the required voltage and current. The voltage at the pool light bulb should be 12 volts We would recommend that you get a qualified swimming pool engineer to check the voltage and current for your pool lights to ensure they were commissioned correctly, as this is the most likely reason they keep blowing.

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