Why Choose Ac Repair Concord NC

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Whether you need a new unit, an existing unit serviced, or just don’t know what to make of that noise in the water heater, we can help. All of our service techs are trained in every major brand. If it was made in the last 60 years, we can identify the problems, recommend the right service and always save you money. At AC Repair Concord NC, we keep our overhead low and that translates directly into savings for our clients. Those other guys with 1000 repair trucks and a new billboard ad every month have no choice but to charge their customers a higher premium. In this economy, we know our clients need to get the most out of every paycheck. This is why HVAC Concord NC is the best choice for anyone looking to get the best value per dollar spent.




“I just bought a foreclosure and the previous owners took the furnace with them.  I called five different HVAC companies for estimates and HVAC came in over two hundred dollars less than all the others. They installed my new Trane furnace and a Mitsubishi mini split A/C system less than a week later. I use the property as a rental and when I had a tenant that could not operate the wireless remote for the furnace, they sent over a tech to educate him free of charge over a year after the installation.  Now that is what I call customer service! Thanks HVAC! You guys are the best!” Minton S. – Concord NC

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