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Bathroom renovations and remodeling is one of the most popular tasks of a Charlotte NC Plumber. Bathrooms are essentials in every establishment and ensuring that all fixtures and pipes are working properly is very important to provide users with a reliable personal hygiene and sanitation system.  A  Plumber must be able to supply and install the most common bathroom fixtures like vanity lavatories, faucets, elegant taps and simple and sophisticated toilet sets. These bathroom services begin from the plumbing council approval, sketching of drainage schemes and bathroom plans and the management of other services like water proofing and installation of bathroom tiles. In addition, a good Plumber can also help customers avail of the Building Services Authority (BSA) insurance.


Blocked toilets and drains can cause a major problem in every household and office. These issues require a Charlotte NC Plumber to remedy these problems. There are several reasons why toilets and drains get blocked – either from the naturally growing tree roots or from the penetration of foreign materials that have been accidentally flushed. In cases of blocked kitchen drains, cooking oils and other kinds of oils can cause such blockage. A Charlotte NC Plumber will make use of a drainage machine that can help minimize or eliminate the causes of blockage.

Fixing leaking taps and faucets can lead to great savings. The deterioration of tap washers can also contribute these leaks and a Plumber can provide solutions to such problems. In the case of running and leaking toilets, the inlet and outlet valves often require replacement and malfunctioning floats must be repaired immediately to stop the leaks. Service plumbing charlotte nc can also offer an alternative to single flush toilets, which come in dual flush suites that provide efficient water saving solutions.

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